Hoshiko Yamane 3rd solo album


 1. Flutter
2. Threads
3. Repose
4. White Feathers
5. One’s Destination
6. Tangled
7. Unraveling
8. Fly Away
9. Go Over
10. The Genial Sunshine
11. What We Should Protect

All tracks written and produced Hoshiko Yamane

Artwork by Eduard Bigas

Hoshiko Yamane‘s music flutters like a young butterfly, perhaps one just born. The Japanese violinist is based in Berlin, and she’s a current member of Tangerine Dream. On her third solo album, Threads, her violin sings with the positivity of direct, youthful sunlight. Radiant and energetic, but well-paced and sensitive of its place, her violin is blown as if on the lightest of spring winds; an unraveling series of dawn-lit notes which take flight as soon as the sun rises…(read more)



released on June.15.2018
from 1631 Recordings

CD available here:1631 Recordings,groove unlimited



Motimaru Dance Company goes to Australia!!
Dance Performance “Twilight” and “MUT”,which I composed, will be performed end of May.


May 29th – June 3th

Direction, Concept, Choreography, Dance by
Motoya Kondo
Tiziana Longo
Music Composition by
Hoshiko Yamane

June 6th – June 10th

Direction, Concept, Choreography & Dance by
Tiziana Longo
Music Composition by
Hoshiko Yamane
Costumes by
Jean Beißel
Hidemi Nishida
Motoya Kondo