“Twilight” Motimaru Dance Company from Motimaru on Vimeo.

Butoh-Tanz Performance
by Motimaru Dance Company
live-music Hoshiko Yamane
(New Version created in 2016)

Ackerstadt Palast Berlin (http://ackerstadtpalast.de/Events/TWILIGHT-Butoh-Tanz)

Freitag, 29. September um 20Uhr
Samstag, 30. September um 18Uhr und 21Uhr
Sonntag, 01. Oktober um 18Uhr und 21Uhr


The world is always divided and separated in conflicts between individuals, countries, religions and any other power games.
Instead of looking for their cause externally,
“Twilight” invite audiences to experience the darkest and lightest side of an individual
as ultimate cause of everything,
entering the realm of the unseen in a dream-like transient world.






監督・振付・出演:    ティツィアナ・ロンゴ
作曲:          山根星子(Tangerine Dream)
照明・音響・技術協力:  曽我傑
衣装:          Jean Beibel
舞台美術: Hidemi Nishida
監修:    近藤基弥


How often I can’t see what is in front of me?
If this happen with all the things closely around, including myself, when something happen far away it stays just there and I am here safe.
But if here and there would melt,
If you and me would really meet…?


Shifting from personal to public news, this piece is a collective solo that includes stories from many women of different countries and cultures that come to be taken as icons and represent the contradicted faces of our society.
“MUT” encourages new actions toward transformation and dignity.

May S.Valentine be everyday


Direction, Concept, Choreography, Dance: Tiziana Longo
Music composition and live violin : Hoshiko Yamane
Light, Sound: Masaru Soga
Stage setting: Hidemi Nishida
Costume: Jean Beißel
Supervisor: Motoya Kondo
Special thanks to: Anastasya Stoliarova

Theater X Tokyo(THEATER X)

Tangerine Dream played on 21.01.2017 at Berliner Festspiele.

We were thinking about Edgar and his music.







Live concert in Budapest on 28.01.2017

We performed at A38 Ship in Budapest. It was nice location and warm audience.
Thank you for coming!!



















      ==BERLINALE 2017==

Revolution of Sound. Tangerine Dream
Documentary Film.
Premiere on 14.02.2017 16:30 at International.
Berlinale Programm

I’m working with Motimaru Dance Company since 2013. We made many dance pieces together.
This ‘Twilight’ is our new version.
Next performance is
06.03.2016 in Theater X(Tokyo)
Theater X web site

"Twilight" Motimaru Dance Company from Motimaru on Vimeo.

Motimaru Dance Company (motimaru.net)
Direction, Choreography & Dance: Motoya Kondo, Tiziana Longo
Live-music, music composition: Hoshiko Yamane (Tangerine Dream)( hoshikoyamane.com)
Additional Music: “Wave” by Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory
Film by HOLYTROPIC, shot and edited by Johan Planefeldt (holytropic.com)