Form of Soul – Poems from Motimaru Dance Company Workshop –

Many people from different ages, nationalities, and professions come together to our workshops. Each untold stories within slowly start unfolding and penetrating into the space. Personal monologues start being transformed into universal poems.
Artists from performing arts as well as people that are not professional dancers have come to join. At the end we are all hardly living everyday life with pains and joys, keeping each dance of life and death within. When such hidden movements start coming out, something authentic born.
We have been sometimes filming such moments, and we hope that the wind will blow into your heart.
With love and gratitude to all the participants of all the workshops, who have shared with us the unique time and space.

Motimaru Dance Company:
Music: Hoshiko Yamane (
Video Editing: Anastasya Stolyarov (


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