Tangerine Dream “Quantum Gate”

Tangerine Dream 50th Anniversary

New Album ” Quantum Gate”  release on 29th Sep. 2017



【Tangerine Dream new Album!!】
Our new CD “Quantum Gate” will be release on 29th Sep. 2017 from Pledgemusic.
We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the band.

【Next coming Tangerine Dream LIVE】
21st Oct 2017 – The Netherlands, Oirschot – Der Enck – SOLD OUT
22nd Oct 2017 – The Netherlands, Oirschot – Der Enck
7th Feb 2018 – Germany, Hamburg – Elbphilharmonie Hamburg – SOLD OUT
14th Apr 2018 Dresden, Konzertsaal im Kulturpalast
More shows to be announced soon ..

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