-sound track of dance performance-

1.when it was born
2.for the first time your hands
4.the warmth

all composition and recording by Hoshiko Yamane
dance performance and concept by motimaru dance company

released via 1631 Recordings on Nov.30 2018
1631 recordings

next coming production with motimaru dance company

Motoya Kondo-Dance
Hoshiko Yamane-violin

Acker Stadt Palast
Dec.6th-8th 2018
more detail here

Hoshiko Yamane 2 solo concerts.
on 25.Sep.Silent Green in Berlin as a support act for Masayoshi Fujita.

Silent Green Programm


on 26.Sep. Camera Japan Festival Kick Off at WORM in Rotterdam.

Camera Japan Festival


CAMERA JAPAN is a Japanese cultural festival organised in Rotterdam every year since 2006. The main focus is on film, but we also explore the visual arts, music, dance, fashion, architecture, food, and much more. Every autumn, we take a selection of films from the programme to Amsterdam for a weekend of screening the best, the weirdest, and the most unexpected cinema from Japan.

Tangerine Dream: Live at the Boiler Room Dekmantel Opening Concert 1st August 2018

Tangerine Dream Summer Festival Date

-Aug.1st Dekmantel Destival,Amsterdam Netherlands

-Aug.4th OZORA Festival,Hungary
-Aug.5th OZORA Festival,Hungary

-Aug.10th OYA Festival,Oslo Norway

-Aug.11th Way Out Festival,Gothenburg,Sweden

-Aug.12th Flow Festival,Helsinki,Finland

-Aug.24th Dancity Festival,Italy

シアターX 国際舞台芸術祭2018

『MUT』『B.O.D.Y.』『ソフト微粒子 ― ヨミガエリ』


第13回 シアターΧ国際舞台芸術祭 IDTF2018
かぐや avec アインシュタイン


Motimaru Dance CompanyのTiziana Longoと近藤基弥がソロ作品を発表します。是非この機会にお越しください。

MUT-Tiziana Longo

Direction, Choreograph, Dance:Tiziana Longo
作曲:山根星子(Tangerine Dream)
Music:Hoshiko Yamahe(Tangerine Dream)
衣装:Jear Beissel/Costume:Jear Beissel
監修:近藤基弥/Supervise:Motoya Kondo

B.O.D.Y.-Motoya Kondo

Direction,Choreograph,Dance:Motoya Kondo
作曲:Havard Moen Otnes/Music:Havard Moen Otnes
衣裳:Jean Beissel/Costume:Jean Beissel
監修:ティツィアナ・ロンゴ/Supervise:Tiziana Longo

シアターX 国際舞台芸術祭2018

Library Tapes new Album Patterns(Repeat)

composition and piano by David Wenngren aka Library Tapes

Hoshiko Yamane on Violin

Julia Kent on Cello


Release on June 1st from 1631 Recordings

Sensitivity and sadness are often known to link hands, but it’s usually not done out of love, less a public display of affection and more like a necessary, binding union. Sensitivity doesn’t always equal an automatic brand of sadness, but on Patterns (Repeat), where David Wenngren’s piano shines upon a lake of black silk, illuminated by nothing more than the pale light of the moon, the two not only clasp hands, but are married. and more…




Tobias Svensson & Hoshiko Yamane

new single Routes


Tobias Svensson on Piano

Hoshiko Yamane on Violin


Release on August 1st from Sounds fragil