Many people from different ages, nationalities, and professions come together to our workshops. Each untold stories within slowly start unfolding and penetrating into the space. Personal monologues start being transformed into universal poems.
Artists from performing arts as well as people that are not professional dancers have come to join. At the end we are all hardly living everyday life with pains and joys, keeping each dance of life and death within. When such hidden movements start coming out, something authentic born.
We have been sometimes filming such moments, and we hope that the wind will blow into your heart.
With love and gratitude to all the participants of all the workshops, who have shared with us the unique time and space.

Motimaru Dance Company:
Music: Hoshiko Yamane (
Video Editing: Anastasya Stolyarov (


そして公演後ableton push(音楽機材)をプレゼントしてくれ、ヴァイオリン以外にも新しい可能性があるかも知れないよ?と教えてくれました。

(in English)
This is a message to you I am deeply sorry for during my solo tour in Japan.
On January 20th, Tuesday afternoon, my boss of Tangerine Dream Edgar Froese suddenly and unexpectedly passed away from the effects of a pulmonary embolism in Vienna.
We were on Tour on last November in Melbourne. This picture is that time on beach in Melbourne.
I met him first time 2011. I was just classical music student from Japan. My electronic music experience is everything from Edgar. I learned so many things. as a musician,as a performer,all electronic music.
First time we met,he said me,
I understand your technic is perfect. But I’m interesting for more crazy people. something new things. What can you play others? What is possibility of you?
He is looking for crazy,new…everytime.
After the first concert he said me,
I’m respect you as a musician.
I never forget what he said.
He gave me electronic violin,Ablton Push,
You can find your possible. Music is not that,that you just play the violin.
I am very very respect to Edgar. never forget.
Thank you Edgar. Rest in Peace.

Tukico a.k.a Hoshiko Yamane Japan 2015 tourのプロモーションでDOMMUNE出演が決定しました。

2015.1.19 PM22:00-0:30
「inner monday」
Tukico(Hoshiko Yamane) /空間現代/Duenn/mergrim 


Tukico, Junichi Akagawa, kyoka, sub-tle., Junya Oikawa


DOMMUNEとは、毎週月〜木の19時から第1部「TALK LIVE」が、21時から第2部「DJ STREAMING(BROADJ)」が行われており(日によって異なることもある)、すべての番組はインターネット上のライブ配信と、連動しているTwitter @DOMMUNE で発信されます。視聴無料。

「ATLANTIS #8」秒速で自由になるためのメンタルライフハック2014」~『頑張って生きるのが嫌な人のための番組』
出演 : 海猫沢めろん x 滝本竜彦

「onpa))))) Presents BROADJ♯1202~05」
LIVE:Tukico、Junichi Akagawa、kyoka、sub-tle.

DOMMUNE 視聴はこちら