MUT – Motimaru Dance Company

How often can I see what is in front of me?
How often do we read news without having an idea of the depth of that reality?
We are everyday bombarded by news we read, acknowledge about the conflicts, war, games of power, domination, manipulation, abuse but they rarely really touch us and move us, until something touches us personally, until something touches not just an immigrant or refugee but somebody we love, our friend, family, our daughter, mother…
We are used to hear such news, throw away the newspaper and continue the daily life as if nothing had happened. But if the newspaper could take life, crackles, swell, explode what would we see? What would come out of it? What kind of visual and body experience will be there for the audience?
Shifting from personal stories to public news, this piece is a collective solo that includes the fate of many women of different countries and cultures that come to be taken as icons to represent the contradictory faces of our society.
The word “MUT”, courage in German, in ancient Egyptian language was referred to a mother goddess, a primal deity of water, the cosmic mother that gives birth to life. “MUT” means also mutilated/mutual/multiracial.
How can we open up and peel off our masks to stand and find again our inner Heimat.
“MUT” encourages new actions toward dignity, equality and freedom.

Direction, Choreography and Dance: Tiziana Longo
Supervisor: Motoya Kondo
Music: Hoshiko Yamane
Costume: Jean Beissel