I’m working with Motimaru Dance Company since 2013. We made many dance pieces together.
This ‘Twilight’ is our new version.
Next performance is
06.03.2016 in Theater X(Tokyo)
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"Twilight" Motimaru Dance Company from Motimaru on Vimeo.

Motimaru Dance Company (motimaru.net)
Direction, Choreography & Dance: Motoya Kondo, Tiziana Longo
Live-music, music composition: Hoshiko Yamane (Tangerine Dream)( hoshikoyamane.com)
Additional Music: “Wave” by Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory
Film by HOLYTROPIC, shot and edited by Johan Planefeldt (holytropic.com)

I want to ask for donation for creation of our new contemporary dance piece ‘discord’
Here is sound track,which I composed myself and will perform Live-music on stage.
Please listen to it and buy Album,if you like.
Thank you for your support.


It is simple yet difficult.
When associated with others inspirations and emotions well up.
Joy, sadness, anger, relief, disgust, emptiness.
No way of knowing if they are conveyed to the others even you express those feelings.
Little things and gestures.
Get involved, separate, work through it or just give up.
Clashing and escaping do not make changes in the space itself.
Breathtaking quietness and dreadful discord, bit of wit, helplessly sad enchanting music and odd harmonies might give you freedom, otherwise isolation…

些細なことや何気ない仕草。 どう関わり合い、離れ、また向き合うのか。 それとも向き合うことを放棄するのか。 どんなにぶつかり合っても、(目を)背けても、この空間が変わることはない。 逃げ出したくなるような不協和音、息を呑む静寂。 時折訪れるユーモア、泣きたくなるほど美しいメロディーと調和の先にあるのは自由か孤立か。。。

This piece’discord’ is remake version,which we(Tansik) performed on 2011 in Berlin.
We make new choreograph and music from same Idea and concept.

Koncept: TANSIK (Hoshiko Yamane and Chizu Kimura)
Choreograph: Chizu Kimura
Musik: Hoshiko Yamane

Dancer:Ana Holström, Elisabeth Kindler-Abali, Susanne Eder, Marika Gangemi, Yoriko Maeno
Violin:Hoshiko Yamane

03-05 June 2016
at Theaterforum Kreuzberg
Eisenbahnstr.21 10997Berlin
Theaterforum Kreuzberg
E-Mail: info@tfk-berlin.de
Telefon: 700 71 710

Photo from last performance 2011