Tangerine Dream 2018

Tangerine Dream will perform on next week!
Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
Concert info here

Our next coming show are
April 13th Georg-Friedrich-Händel-Halle(Halle/Saale)
April 14th Kulturpalast(Dresden)
April 23rd Union Chapel(London)
May 12th Theater am Marientor(Duisburg)
August 1st Denkmantel Festival(Amsterdam)

and more concerts coming soon…



A Story Of A Man-first solo release

I’m very happy to announce here about my first solo EP release.

“A Story Of A Man” released on Nov. 10th from 1631 Recordings. You can listen to all music on Spotify and download from Bandcamp.



Thank you 1631 Recordings for the release and Thank you sonorspace about release information and Review of my new EP.

With “A Story Of A Man” present us the Japanse violinists and composer Hoshiko Yamane finally her first solo violin EP for 1631 Recordings. An EP that was written and produced besides many of her other ongoing projects like Tangerine Dream. Since 2011 she has been playing in the legendary electronic formation that was founded by the music genius Edgar Froese in 1967 and pioneered the genre with more than 100 albums and celestial soundtrack (“Grand Theft Auto V”). Alongside Tangerine Dream, she worked and works also on several musical projects, for instance “”Tukico”, a solo project that mixes violin sounds with Techno music.

Furthermore, she worked and played together with notable artists such as Ceeys from Berlin, the Erased Tapes artist and vibraphone player Masayoshi Fujita or singer/songwriter Jane Birkin. With “A Story Of A Man” combines Hoshiko her experiences that she made over the last year with her wonderful virtuosic violin play. Especially on the captivating, up-tempo piece “Into The Dark” scintillate the highly talented composer, who has been playing the violin since the age of 4. Also, the opener “Before The Dawn”, a canonical track that was composed around two different themes and the other works are wonderful musical pulsating, atmospheric classical musical blisses. ​
Download here : 1631 Recordings



Twilight review

Thank you for coming our Performance “Twilight”

5 Performance in 3 days in Ackerstadtpalast Berlin. We were very happy with warm audience.

Here is a review from kultur extra.

See you next our Performance!





Tangerine Dream “Quantum Gate”

Tangerine Dream 50th Anniversary

New Album ” Quantum Gate”  release on 29th Sep. 2017



【Tangerine Dream new Album!!】
Our new CD “Quantum Gate” will be release on 29th Sep. 2017 from Pledgemusic.
We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the band.

【Next coming Tangerine Dream LIVE】
21st Oct 2017 – The Netherlands, Oirschot – Der Enck – SOLD OUT
22nd Oct 2017 – The Netherlands, Oirschot – Der Enck
7th Feb 2018 – Germany, Hamburg – Elbphilharmonie Hamburg – SOLD OUT
14th Apr 2018 Dresden, Konzertsaal im Kulturpalast
More shows to be announced soon ..


Performance “Twilight”

“Twilight” Motimaru Dance Company from Motimaru on Vimeo.

Butoh-Tanz Performance
by Motimaru Dance Company
live-music Hoshiko Yamane
(New Version created in 2016)

Ackerstadt Palast Berlin (http://ackerstadtpalast.de/Events/TWILIGHT-Butoh-Tanz)

Freitag, 29. September um 20Uhr
Samstag, 30. September um 18Uhr und 21Uhr
Sonntag, 01. Oktober um 18Uhr und 21Uhr


The world is always divided and separated in conflicts between individuals, countries, religions and any other power games.
Instead of looking for their cause externally,
“Twilight” invite audiences to experience the darkest and lightest side of an individual
as ultimate cause of everything,
entering the realm of the unseen in a dream-like transient world.