Hoshiko Yamane and Mikael Lind

Hoshiko Yamane and Mikael Lind
New Album Spaces in Between
release from Time Released Sound on November 24th 2019

The title Spaces In Between refers to the holes through which one can see from one card to the next, the porous membrane between present and past and the literal distance between Reykjavik and Berlin, where these two musicians are located. This long-distance collaboration feels a lot closer when the project is contained in an old film can, a reminder not only of the beauty of intercontinental connections, but that everything old is new again.(a closer listen)

This first, limited edition version comes in the form of 60, re-purposed, vintage 35mm film cans. Each can has been hand modified front and back, with labels hand typed on an old typewriter, and each one then stickered, hand stamped and further manually distressed. Inside each unique receptacle is a selection of 35-40 hand rounded 5″ circles/prints cut from a variety of papers, blueprints, schematics, book covers, transparencies, maps and other antique ephemera. The circles are textural, textual, and are all meant to be in keeping with the album’s title of “Spaces In Between”.

CONNECTING THE CYCLE · single channel video from Ian Waugh on Vimeo.

Live concert at Extreme Chill Festival 2019

more concert will be coming…

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