Q3Ambientfest online concert

B r u e d e r S e l k e
A Boutique Music Festival
Edition 2020 · Dec 19

Q3AMBIENTFEST is a three-day happening for neoclassical and experimental music, featuring established and emerging artists from diverse genres and origins.
The handpicked roster of talent for this year’s festival, founded and carefully curated by brothers Sebastian and Daniel Selke, the award-winning Potsdam-based cello-piano duo CEEYS, invites open-minded music lovers to discover today’s contemporary composers and performers.

From avant-garde to pop, Q3A holds a mirror to the eclectic architecture of Potsdam, from neo-classical palaces to prefabricated “Plattenbauten” (panelhouses). These Communist-era buildings gave Q3A its name, which is an abbreviation for “Querwandbau” (cross-wall construction).


Despite the tense CoVid-19 situation, we are able to present a special line-up. This is also worth mentioning because, in contrast to many festivals in the genre of neo-classical, ambient and experimental drone music, except the curators there are all female musicians this year.


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