New release “Fahrenheit”

Release on October 7th

It’s like two of them having a conversation, everything happens right there on the fly, their sound just goes by how they go and with the sound they create, you will realize you are in that “moment” that passes by. That’s where they will get you in.

With having completely different “music” backgrounds, who knows how but they crossed the paths. And that is something that you will be glad about after an hour of experiencing the world that they introduce you to.

Ⅰ (04:59)
Ⅱ (14:11)
Ⅲ (05:32)
Ⅳ (10:00)
Ⅴ (11:24)
Ⅵ (12:36)


All tracks performed in real time & recorded February and March 2019.

Synthesizer and Mix – Makoto Sakamoto
Electric Violin – Hoshiko Yamane

Mastering by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.

Artwork photography by Kei Sugimoto
Artwork graphics by Yutaka Sakamoto

All rights reserved by MAKOTO SAKAMOTO RECORDINGS.


日本国内のショップ・オンラインでもFahrenheit(ファーレンハイト)のCDの予約が始まりました、最寄りの主要CDショップ・各店舗でもCDの注文が可能です、店舗スタッフへご相談ください。 今回CDは、デジタルオンライン版とは違うCD限定の特別アートワーク仕様になっています。

「即興とは思えぬ豊潤な音に満たされる、至福の時間! ジャーマン・ロックの伝説的バンド・タンジェリンドリーム / TANGERINE DREAMの現行メンバー Hoshiko Yamaneと、ダンスミュージックユニットSub Human BrosのメンバーMAKOTO SAKAMOTOによるコラボ・アルバム!」 ※日本国内メーカーより

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Twilight sound track release

-sound track of dance performance-

1.when it was born
2.for the first time your hands
4.the warmth

all composition and recording by Hoshiko Yamane
dance performance and concept by motimaru dance company

released via 1631 Recordings on Nov.30 2018
1631 recordings

next coming production with motimaru dance company

Motoya Kondo-Dance
Hoshiko Yamane-violin

Acker Stadt Palast
Dec.6th-8th 2018
more detail here



collaborated with Piano works

Library Tapes new Album Patterns(Repeat)

composition and piano by David Wenngren aka Library Tapes

Hoshiko Yamane on Violin

Julia Kent on Cello


Release on June 1st from 1631 Recordings

Sensitivity and sadness are often known to link hands, but it’s usually not done out of love, less a public display of affection and more like a necessary, binding union. Sensitivity doesn’t always equal an automatic brand of sadness, but on Patterns (Repeat), where David Wenngren’s piano shines upon a lake of black silk, illuminated by nothing more than the pale light of the moon, the two not only clasp hands, but are married. and more…




Tobias Svensson & Hoshiko Yamane

new single Routes


Tobias Svensson on Piano

Hoshiko Yamane on Violin


Release on August 1st from Sounds fragil





3rd solo album “Threads”


Hoshiko Yamane 3rd solo album


 1. Flutter
2. Threads
3. Repose
4. White Feathers
5. One’s Destination
6. Tangled
7. Unraveling
8. Fly Away
9. Go Over
10. The Genial Sunshine
11. What We Should Protect

All tracks written and produced Hoshiko Yamane

Artwork by Eduard Bigas

Hoshiko Yamane‘s music flutters like a young butterfly, perhaps one just born. The Japanese violinist is based in Berlin, and she’s a current member of Tangerine Dream. On her third solo album, Threads, her violin sings with the positivity of direct, youthful sunlight. Radiant and energetic, but well-paced and sensitive of its place, her violin is blown as if on the lightest of spring winds; an unraveling series of dawn-lit notes which take flight as soon as the sun rises…(read more)



released on June.15.2018
from 1631 Recordings

CD available here:1631 Recordings,groove unlimited





A Story Of A Man-first solo release

I’m very happy to announce here about my first solo EP release.

“A Story Of A Man” released on Nov. 10th from 1631 Recordings. You can listen to all music on Spotify and download from Bandcamp.



Thank you 1631 Recordings for the release and Thank you sonorspace about release information and Review of my new EP.

With “A Story Of A Man” present us the Japanse violinists and composer Hoshiko Yamane finally her first solo violin EP for 1631 Recordings. An EP that was written and produced besides many of her other ongoing projects like Tangerine Dream. Since 2011 she has been playing in the legendary electronic formation that was founded by the music genius Edgar Froese in 1967 and pioneered the genre with more than 100 albums and celestial soundtrack (“Grand Theft Auto V”). Alongside Tangerine Dream, she worked and works also on several musical projects, for instance “”Tukico”, a solo project that mixes violin sounds with Techno music.

Furthermore, she worked and played together with notable artists such as Ceeys from Berlin, the Erased Tapes artist and vibraphone player Masayoshi Fujita or singer/songwriter Jane Birkin. With “A Story Of A Man” combines Hoshiko her experiences that she made over the last year with her wonderful virtuosic violin play. Especially on the captivating, up-tempo piece “Into The Dark” scintillate the highly talented composer, who has been playing the violin since the age of 4. Also, the opener “Before The Dawn”, a canonical track that was composed around two different themes and the other works are wonderful musical pulsating, atmospheric classical musical blisses. ​
Download here : 1631 Recordings