New CD and DVD release from Tangerine Dream


From Tangerine Dream new DVD and CD on sale. 

♪Live at Admiralspalast Berlin 2012(DVD)
♪Starmus-sonic universe(Live CD) Tangerine Dream with special guest Brian May(Queen) 2011

♪Cruise to destiny(CD)
we are very sorry,because actually TD should have started with the first set of the great “Cruise To The Edge” concert on 26 March.
It could have been a very surreal and funny performance at moonlight in the middle of the Caribbean Sea….But destiny obviously had other plans….with regard to Edgar’s fall on icy ground with breaks and Linda’s unpredictable disease….which finally both led to the cancellation of the two planned concerts as explained in the Forum before. Fortunately mid of January the band did a rehearsal recording of almost 60 % of the concert with all members playing their original parts. So you will hear a big portion of the music planned to be performed on the cruise – like a sonic ghostly gig on a vessel that happens even if no one of the band was present…

See you next concert!! Thank you!!

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